NCAMES: NCTracks Update July 9th 2013

The great team at NCAMES has been keeping in close contact with CSC.

Earlier today the following email correspondance was received by NCAMES from CSC regarding NCTracks system issues and claims processing.

NCTracks Update

Many of you may have heard the good news-that NCTracks will pay not just Medicaid pharmacy claims this week, but many institutional, professional and dental claims as well.

NCTracks was originally scheduled to pay only pharmacy point-of-sale claims after the first week of operation, with other provider types scheduled to receive their first payments after the second week. Over the weekend, however, the system successfully completed the checkwrite process for all 2.5 million claims processed during the first week-including the backlogged claims that had accumulated during the 10-day transition from old to new systems.

The checkwrite will total $137 million. Providers should receive Remittance Advices (RAs) in their NCTracks mailboxes overnight. Electronic funds transfers (EFTs) are scheduled for Wednesday.


Providers who attended training sessions, or who took part in Provider Operational Preparedness (POP) or User Acceptance Testing (UAT), should already be familiar with the new RAs, which are formatted differently than RAs generated in legacy systems. They are longer and may take some getting used to. Providers may want to spend some time analyzing the RA before turning to the Call Center for assistance, as the Call Center continues to experience high volumes and longer-than-normal wait times.


Today was the first workday after the long holiday weekend, and the call center volume was high, leading to times of unavailability. To address the long wait times, DHHS and CSC have decided to keep the center open until 6 p.m. every day this week. Additional customer service agents have been hired for the call center, but callers should expect long waits for at least a few more weeks. “Until our provider partners are comfortable with system operations, call volumes and wait times are likely to remain elevated,” said Joe Cooper, DHHS Chief Information Officer.

Providers with a question or concern can potentially avoid waiting on hold by checking the website for updates and FAQs. Training could also benefit NCTracks users. Computer-based modules are available 24/7. Live informational sessions addressing specific topics are held several times a day, and regional training will begin July 16. Details and schedules are available online.

Other issues relating to NCTracks operations continue to be prioritized and resolved on a 24/7 basis. System performance and availability issues affecting users in the first few days of operations have diminished since capacity was expanded.


Of the claims that processed during the first week, a few key billing errors have been identified that have prevented claims from paying:

* Taxonomy Errors – The most common error in claims submitted to NCTracks, is missing or wrong taxonomy codes. It is important that providers use the correct taxonomy codes based on what is listed in the NCTracks provider record. A link to the Provider Taxonomy Lookup webpage can be found at

* Transmitter Supplier Number (TSN) Errors – Many of the claims submitted through a trading partner (such as a billing agent or clearinghouse) have Transmitter Supplier Number (TSN) errors. If your trading partner received a 999 rejection when submitting claims, you will need to verify you have the correct TSN and the trading partner is enrolled, certified and linked to your NCTracks provider record. If you have questions about which TSN to use or the trading partner status, please contact your trading partner to verify information.

* Incomplete EFT Process- Providers who have not completed the electronic funds transfer (EFT) process should do so as soon as possible to avoid delays in payments. NCTracks cannot pay claims unless the EFT information is correct and the process completed.

Complete details about these errors and others can be found on the NCTracks portal,, on the Provider page under Provider Announcements.

Dewey Cassell
Communications Manager

A big Thank You to NCAMES for making sure that the issues of North Carolina DME Providers are heard and handled.

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