Rochester Gerneral Hospital Outlines new Agreement to Cut Costs and Increase Care

Rochester General Hospital officials say a new agreement could keep your costs down when you go to the hospital.

The hospital has reached an agreement with Excellus BlueCross BlueShield and the Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association to take a multifaceted approach to improving health care in our area and keeping costs down.

Officials say the agreement will include two key measures to make sure patients receive the best care. First, the agreement will create a system to reward doctors who provide great care for their patients. Officials say if the quality is good, and patients are happy, the physicians will get rewarded.

It will also put a bigger focus on preventive care to make sure you don’t get sick in the first place. Officials will use patient data to determine high risk patients who need more attention and work with them to increase care and get patients on a healthier path.

Officials hope this plan will be a way to transition away from the current system of “fee for service,” where patients pay based on care they receive, towards a better system for patients and doctors.

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