Phone Scams Target Medicare Beneficiaries in California

A new phone scam that promises a new Medicare card in exchange for personal information is hitting Butte County in California, warns District Attorney Mike Ramsey.

Callers claiming to be with the Medicare program tell their targets that a replacement Medicare card is coming in the mail but a bank account number is needed first, according to a press release from Ramsey’s office. Sometimes, the caller will ask for a Medicare card number, which can be used for identity theft since it’s tied to a Social Security number.

Those receiving any unsolicited calls asking for personal information should hang up, according to the release. Ramsey’s office confirmed that Medicare officials do not call without being called first and do not ask for private information over the phone.

Butte County’s Consumer Fraud Unit has received multiple calls about the scam surfacing in the area. The scam started on the east coast before slowly making its way over to California.

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April 11th, 2013