A New Breed of DME Billing Service

Many DME Billing Services are still moving foward offering the same “claim sumbission services” they always have.  

They gather paperwork from the DME provider and blindly submit it.  The DME Provider is left dealing with the denials and scrambles when an Audit begins.

Providers aren’t just looking for a conduit by which to submit claims anymore.  That can be accomplished with an investment in a simple piece of software.  The real value of a DME Billing Company is the limit they will go to in order to integrate completely into an existing operation.  Unlimited support calls, unlimited questions and an entire department of specialized professionals focused on streamlining the reimbursement process.  That isn’t just a DME Billing Service, that is an Outsourced Billing Department.

MedBill DME Billing Service has an entire department dedicated to the Accuracy and Compliance of paperwork.  When claims are submitted our Staff reviews each Claim for accuracy, Compliance with Payor Policy and even Fraud.  Any issues that we may find are promptly brought to the attention of the appropriate contact and an effort to expedite the resolution of the issue is begun.  In the meantime, all accurate claims have been submitted and are on the way to being paid.

Our Team continues to work with staff in order to correct the erroneous paperwork and submit is as quickly as possible.  This process bypasses Most Denials and provides a more effective and streamlined approach to DME Billing while continually communicating payor policy to provider staff.

MedBill Team Members are easily available by Email, Phone or Fax and will work diligently to answer any questions providers may face.  Our extensive Network of DME Providers utilizing our DME Billing Services further enforces our knowledge and provides a vast source of information in varying geographical areas dealing with a variety of Payors and Policies.

Our Billing Service is a DME Billing Service.  We Specialize in DME Billing and that is what we have been doing for over 40 years.  DME Billing is an ever changing industry and the policies and processes are extremely different from other types of Billing.  Our Team has Vast experience in DME Billing and DME Billing is all we do.  Why choose a DME Billing Service that doesn’t solely focus on DME?

There are many DME Billing Companies and the transition to or from one is as important as any part of the process.  We provide a flexible solution with Business Analysts to oversee the transition. We walk through the process and execute a transition plan effectively in order to make the transition seamless.

When contemplating Utilizing a DME Billing Service Contact MedBill DME Billing Services.

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