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Accounts receivable (AR) management has become more complex due to changing payor policies, copayments, coinsurance and more. In today’s environment, it is ideal for companies to have thorough plans and strategies to reduce issues, maintain cash flow and keep operations running smoothly.

Medbill offers DME billing services for companies that want to streamline their processes. Our proven track record, expertise and dedication will improve your AR management. Contact us today to learn how we can help.




Our DME AR Collection Services

Managing accounts receivable with Medbill provides your company with an expert solution that will enhance your AR capabilities. We’ll analyze your current process and identify problem areas, meeting all of your requirements for proper management.

Our DME billing AR services include:

AR Collection Services

DME billing AR collection gathers funds from accounts that owe payment. Any delay in collection means that your company is not receiving the revenue it’s owed, creating issues with cash flow. At Medbill, we understand the disruptions this can cause for you. Medbill will help your business get your collections faster and improve the efficiency of your processes.

AR Follow-Up

Medical billing AR follow-up helps companies make sure that operations run smoothly and refunds occur as quickly as possible. At Medbill, AR follow-up in medical billing involves reopening denied claims to receive the maximum reimbursement amount.

We review the policies and identify adjustable claims in our initial evaluation. Then, once we have identified problematic claims, we refile them. Medbill will also take care of payment posting, charge entry and verification.

Why Choose Medbill for Your AR Collection Needs?

Medbill has been a leading DME billing company since 2005. As an industry leader, we hold ourselves to high standards regarding customer satisfaction. When you choose to partner with Medbill, you will be working with a company that:

  • Has expert staff: Our team is knowledgeable about AR collection and related industry needs, and they have the experience necessary to handle your accounts.
  • Will complete the job: Medbill will not receive your payment until we have completed our work. This delayed payment system ensures that we will meet all of your requirements and earn your satisfaction.
  • Works with accuracy and precision: At Medbill, we understand that attention to detail is necessary for crucial tasks like DME billing AR management. While we pursue your accounts receivable goals, our team will make sure that all of our work is thorough and accurate to provide the high quality you expect.

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Accounts receivable is a central part of cash flow and streamlined operations in healthcare. Medbill has the expert knowledge you can trust to reduce time spent on outstanding accounts, manage your accounts with care and increase the financial stability of your business.

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