Heritage Valley gets closer to patients – electronically

Heritage Valley Health System’s efforts to better connect with patients now includes an overhauled web home page that makes it easier to get lab results, track medical records and make doctor’s appointments.

The new website comes as the health system moves toward value-based reimbursement, which rewards treatment outcomes rather than sheer volume of procedures performed by a doctor. HVHS has been adding primary care doctors and expanding physician hours as part of a larger effort to provide appropriate care just when it’s needed while keeping costs down by limiting unnecessary treatment in the hospital emergency room.

Health insurer Highmark Inc. has been aggressively promoting the transition to value-based care with some of the highest incentives offered to doctors who make the change. Also, Medicare has a number of pilot programs that shift an increasing share of the responsibility for patient health to doctors and health systems.
North Side-based Wall-to-Wall Studios Inc. redesigned HVHS’s website, tailoring the home page to the user’s electronic device.

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