Spin Systems, Inc. Creates HIPAA 5010 ICD-10 Standard Compliant Referral Exchange

Spin Systems, Inc., a leading small business provider of enterprise-wide solutions to Fortune 500 companies and federal government agencies, is pleased to announce the success of its HIPAA 5010 ICD-10 Standard Compliant Referral Exchange, implemented during a period of nine months, and an integral part of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

The HITECH Act was signed into law by President Obama in 2009 for the purpose of improving American healthcare delivery and patient care through investment in Health Information Technology (HIT), and meaningful use. The HITECH Act sets the stage for improved health care quality, safety, and efficiency through the use of HIT and meaningful use, which includes electronic health records (EHRs), as well as private and secure electronic health information exchange. Meaningful Use is the term given to ensure the use of certified EHR technology in a meaningful manner, and is deployed in three stages; (1) Data Capture and Sharing, (2) Advance Clinical Processes, and (3) Improved Outcomes.

To meet the deadline of October 1, 2014, those in the healthcare industry should already be on Stage Two of Meaningful Use. Spin Systems is already ahead of the curve by meeting the qualifications of Meaningful Use (Stage Two) for their DoD client. Spin Systems was able to set up a 5010 Standard Compliant Referral Exchange hub for their DoD client within nine months, enabling the secure electronic interchange of clinical referrals or consults between the MTFs (Military Treatment Facilities) and health insurance organizations. There is a single referral exchange hub that managed the exchange of over 2 million referrals in 2013. Spin Systems works with four health insurance providers including United Health, Humana, and Health Net.

“We had the unique opportunity of providing this referral exchange to our military clients via our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled data collection and sharing platform – the Spin Data, Aggregation, Collection and Analytics (SDACA) platform. For those looking to replace existing solutions that are no longer CMS compliant, our exchange hub can help make the transition to a compliant system agile, seamless and cost effective,” says Sharath Sadashivan, Product Development Manager, at Spin Systems, Inc.

According to a recent survey from the not-for-profit Workgroup for Electronic Data Exchange (WEDI), the entire healthcare industry is “behind the curve” in its preparedness. The survey showed that more than 20% of vendors surveyed indicated they were either less than or only halfway finished with their ICD-10–related product enhancements, and those preparations wouldn’t be ready until later this year. One in four health plans surveyed had not completed their ICD-10 impact assessments, while only about a third of the plans expected to begin or had already begun external testing with other data exchange partners by the end of 2013.

“With the start of the New Year, it’s troubling to see so many behind the curve of such an important issue and mandate. Spin’s unique agile approach and tools utilizing open standards help keep us ahead of the curve,” stated Spin Systems Inc, Founder and CEO, Wael Ali. “With the swift implementation of the HIPAA 5010 ICD-10 Standard Compliant Referral Exchange done in nine months’ time, this achievement provides yet another testimony to the success of our products, solutions, and services.”

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