SCOOTER Store Bankruptcy Leaves Nebraska Man Without Mobility

The country’s leading provider of power wheelchairs promised mobility to their customers, but when the feds investigated them for fraud they went bankrupt it left many of their customers with no where to go when they needed repairs including one North Platte man.

Chris Ireland is a tech guy who now runs his computer business out of his home.

He had to close his downtown store, after his wheelchair failed him and he had no way to get around.

“None of the wheelchair people want to fix it basically because they didn’t make any money on it,” said Ireland.

He bought the scooter from the SCOOTER Store.

“The advertisement was great, they said it was free, if they couldn’t get it passed then it was free to you,” said Ireland.

So he bought one and when it broke he tried to get it fixed but thats when he realized the SCOOTER Store was under investigation by the feds for fraud.

“This is like a $2,900 scooter that the SCOOTER Store charged the insurance like $8,900 for,” said Ireland.

From 2009-2012, government auditors found the SCOOTER Store over billed Medicare by as much as $108-million.

Now it’s leaving Ireland with a problem because his insurance won’t buy another wheel chair for him, and he can’t find a provider in North Platte that will fix this one from the SCOOTER Store.

“SCOOTER Store came out and didn’t repair it right, then to get them out again, would’ve been a few more months, and after that they were closed,” said Ireland.

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