Orthotic Holdings, Inc. Acquires SafeStep

Orthotic Holdings, Inc. (OHI) Acquires ‘SafeStep’ Leading Provider of Diabetic Shoes, Custom AFO’s and Other DME Solutions Joins Growing OHI Family of Companies

Orthotic Holdings Inc. (“OHI”), a global leader in lower extremity orthotic devices and durable medical equipment (“DME”) solutions for healthcare providers is pleased to announce the acquisition of SafeStep, LLC (“SafeStep”), to the podiatry market. SafeStep is the latest addition to the family of OHI brands that includes Langer Biomechanics, Arizona AFO and The Orthotic Group.

SafeStep, founded in 2000 by Josh White, DPM and cPed, and Richard Krouch, provides diabetic footwear and DME solutions to over 3,000 medical practices, offering over 500 shoe styles from 8 different manufacturers. In its early years, SafeStep pioneered the integration of podiatry into Medicare’s DME system, helping over 1000 practitioners navigate the complex DME supplier application process. That core value of assisting podiatrists with Medicare’s burdensome administrative requirements remains front and center today. SafeStep’s “Worry Free” DME program utilizes a proprietary technology that ensures Medicare compliance while streamlining the billing and procurement process.


“The acquisition of SafeStep is consistent with OHI’s vision of creating a complete continuum of care for our healthcare partners,” said OHI President and COO, Jason Kraus. “It perfectly illustrates OHI’s 2014 strategy of aggressive, multi-faceted growth aimed at expanding our leadership position in DME solutions for healthcare providers. The SafeStep brand and its founder, Dr. White, are welcome additions to the OHI family and all of our customers will experience the immediate benefit of our expanded capabilities.”

OHI CEO, Van Sabel, added “Recent investments in our marketing and sales teams, joint ventures with various strategic partners and a robust acquisition pipeline will bring substantial growth to OHI throughout the next several years. Our ultimate objective has always been to help our healthcare provider partners achieve optimal patient outcomes through first in class technology, innovation and education.”

Dr. White, a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association’s DME sub-committee and a Codingline Expert Panelist, will assume an ongoing senior role within OHI. “I am very excited to become part of the OHI family of companies. OHI’s scale and substantial resources will enable SafeStep to leverage our unique features on a global basis, allowing us to bring benefits to a greater number of foot care providers and their patients.”

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