NC doctors file suit against state over Medicaid payments

A group of North Carolina doctors filed a class action lawsuit today seeking millions from the state over severely delayed Medicaid reimbursements.

The suit says medical providers have been shorted about $500 million since July.

That’s when a new system for Medicaid’s billing system went live.

The suit revolves around that computer program called NCTracks, which was developed for the state by several computer services contractors. The suit names some of those companies as well as The Department of Health and Human Services, saying they’ve been negligent in developing and implementing NC Tracks.

In fact, the suit says NCTracks has been so dysfunctional, it’s cost doctors both money and patients. Now those doctors want reimbursement – their lawyers telling reporters that more than 70,000 medical providers across the state could be entitled to damages.

The suit calls the launch of NC Tracks a disaster, and claims that the software contains thousands of errors. The complaint goes on to say that those errors led to delays of weeks and even months before medical providers received Medicaid reimbursements, forcing some businesses to take out loans…others to stop treating Medicaid patients.

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