Krames StayWell Launches Patient Engagement Solution for ACOs

Krames StayWell has launched ACO 360™, a comprehensive patient engagement package for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that includes marketing and patient education tools, and a new solution for ACO member health management.

ACO 360™ is designed to help ACO patients take more responsibility for their own care with a collection of health outreach, acute care and population management solutions. The patient engagement package also supports a number of government quality requirements for ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program.
“As health organizations increasingly become accountable for outcomes, they need tools to help them inform, educate, and manage the health of their patient population,” says John George, Executive Vice President Krames StayWell. “Krames StayWell’s ACO 360™ solution meets these needs by delivering high-quality patient engagement tools including tailored online health interventions.”

KSW’s comprehensive ACO communications solution includes digital health content, mobile messaging programs, a tablet-based informed consent tool, enewsletters, custom guidebooks and newsletters designed to inform and engage ACO members in their care. In addition, the Pro-Change Lifestyle Management Suite, a digital health management platform developed by Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc., has been integrated into ACO 360™ to meet the emerging population health management needs of ACOs.

ACO 360™ represents the latest addition to Krames StayWell’s robust population health management portfolio that includes StayWell Engage™, an industry-leading health assessment, 14 digital health coaching programs, a personal health record and award-winning health content in a sophisticated technical platform designed specifically for health plans.

ACO 360’s Lifestyle Management Suite combines insights into an ACO patient’s health status and behaviors with communications that motivate and support self-care for better outcomes. Based on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, developed by Pro-Change founder James O. Prochaska, it employs a Health Risk Intervention that not only assesses risk, but also pinpoints the patient’s readiness to change. Results from the HRI are used to dynamically populate a home page and recommend relevant behavior change programs.

A unique component developed specifically for the ACO market is a clinical dashboard that gives clinicians a view of each patient’s progress, along with recommended, tailored behavior change messages to motivate and guide patients toward healthier lifestyles. The dashboard is automatically updated as participants engage with the program(s) at home. Robust reporting features enable providers to track their populations’ program usage, progress and outcomes.

ACO 360™ also offers ACOs the benefit of support in meeting CAHPS, NCQA, NQF and HEDIS performance measures, and complies with the health assessment requirements of the Medicare Annual Visit.

“Pro-Change is very pleased to be a part of this comprehensive solution for population health management,” stated Kerry Evers, Ph.D. Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development at Pro-Change. “The combination of our innovative and evidence-based tools for clinicians and patients with state of the art outreach, acute care and health management tools from Krames StayWell will have a dramatic impact on patient health and well-being.”

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