Somnetics Transcend Sales Volume put Portable Solar Charger on Backorder for Two Months

Earlier Today Somnetics, who makes the Transcend ii portable CPAP Machine, made it aware that an “extremely successful year” which “exceeded forecasts” has exhausted the inventory of the Portable Solar Charger that often accompanies their popular Somnetics Transcend ii Travel CPAP.

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The Somnetics Transcend ii, which weighs less than one pound, has become quite popular with travelling CPAP users. It boasts a 29 dB sound rating and is about the size of a soda can. The optional battery pack allow for use anywhere and the Portable Solar Charger has been a popular accessory.

Somnetics apologized for the inconvenience while making dealers aware of the backorder. Product Manager, Josh Parah, stated “it will take approximately two months to make this accessory, or a replacement, available again.”

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