NC Tracks Provider Enrollment Announcement

The following Provider Enrollment Announcement was posted on NCTracks Provider Portal last week.

The enrollment process includes credentialing, endorsement, and licensure verification. The CSC EVC Center completes this verification to ensure that all providers meet the professional requirements and are in good standing.

The enrollment approval process takes up to 3 weeks from the receipt of the complete enrollment application and all required supporting documentation. Once participation as a DHHS provider has been approved, providers are notified by email and may begin submitting claims to NC DHHS for services rendered.

The CSC EVC Center cannot provide special consideration for processing of enrollment applications due to provider error, incomplete information, or due to a delay in obtaining credentialing, endorsement or licensure information from another agency.

Applicants must meet all program requirements and qualifications for which they are seeking enrollment before they can be enrolled as DHHS providers. Specific qualifications for each provider type are listed in the Provider Qualifications and Requirements Checklist.

If you have any questions regarding completion of the Provider Enrollment Online Application, please contact the CSC Call Center by phone—800-688-6696, fax—919-851-4014, or email

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