NC Medicaid Provider Alert: Update on Prior Authorization Requests for NCTracks

DMA and CSC / NCTracks recently reached out to NCAMES Mebmership with the following message:

CSC-NCTracks encourages providers to upload PA requests through the provider portal, this will be easier and faster for all parties involved In the current system environment.

Steps for submitting the CMNPA form 372-131:

  1. Complete, the fill-able CMN/PA form 372-131 on the CSC-NCTracks website
  2. Send the completed CMNPA form 372-131 to the prescriber for signature
  3. Upon receipt of the completed and signed fill able CMN/PA form 372-131, upload the request through the provider PA portal along with any required attachments
  4. Keep a copy of the PA confirmation page and a copy of the completed and signed CMNPA form 372-131 for your files

If you have faxed the CMN/PA form, you do not need to also enter the request via the provider portal.

Thanks go to Beth Bowen from NCAMES for continuing to push the effort to resolve technical issues with NCTracks.


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