NC Medicaid NCTracks System Technical Difficulties Continue

Only days into the July 1st launch of North Carolina Medicaid’s NCTracks system and provider complaints are rolling in.

NCTracks was pegged to replace the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) and other legacy claims processing systems.

CSC, the developer of NCTracks, has been in contact with the North Carolina Association for Medical Equipment Services (NCAMES) in order to keep providers updated on system mainetance and technical issues faced.

CSC reported on July 1st there “..was a 30% time out rejection on NCTracks which improved to 10% by 2pm that day.”

The time out rejection represents providers being disconnected from the system due to performance issues caused by system capacity. An update was put in place at 8pm on the evening of July 1st that should have addressed some of the connectivity issues.

The most frequent complaint fielded is the inability to log into the system or receiving a “maintenance” error. CSC has informed NCAMES that users need to verify that they are using the most recent version of internet browser. Client system requirement can be found at

Additional Helpul Information:

Adding Users

Today there is a “web training” on how to add users at 2pm. On home page under “Live Assistance” you will see a pdf with that session and others coming up that may assist. Not only is there training but there is a live Q&A afterwards.

Checking Eligibility

On the provider page, see the quick link on right to AVRS features job aid, there is a pdf to tell you how to check eligibility.

Please do not use old CMN/PA form

Providers are encouraged to use the NEW form, because it will be a slower review process using the HP version of the form – CSC keying center doesn’t recognize the HP form as a DME form, and it goes into a workbasket, where a user needs to review it and determine what type of form it is.

Technical Support

NCAMES continues to report to DMA and CSC that hold times are extremely long (45-60 min!!) and they hope to reduce that dramatically today. Make sure you are calling the correct number at: 1-800-688-6696 for the NCTracks Call Center

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