Aetna and New Haven Community Medical Group Offer Accountable Care to Aetna Members

Aetna and New Haven Community Medical Group (NHCMG) today announced a new accountable care agreement in Connecticut. The agreement is designed to improve the quality of care for Aetna members and lower overall health care costs. Nearly 5,800 Aetna members covered under fully insured plans in the Greater New Haven area are included. This new care model will extend to and include other Aetna fully insured members who visit a NHCMG physician going forward.

Joseph L. Quaranta, M.D., president of NHCMG noted, “The Aetna Accountable Care Solutions program is designed to improve patient outreach and care coordination for our Aetna fully-insured patients across the Greater New Haven service area. With this physician-led service working with our care coordinators and patient navigators, we believe the quality of care, the overall patient experience, and the cost effectiveness of care will be improved. One of our strengths is our combined network of integrated specialists collaborating with our primary care physicians with a long-term focus on continually improving the quality of care.”

Martha Temple, president of Aetna’s New England operations, said, “We are excited about this new collaborative agreement with New Haven Community Medical Group to make the health experience better for our Connecticut members. New Haven Community Medical Group physicians will help ensure that no matter what their health care needs may be, our members will receive more outreach and coordination to make the entire experience simpler and more effective.”

New agreement rewards improvements in quality and cost of care

This new agreement rewards physicians for quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction via specified measures such as:

  • The percentage of Aetna members who receive recommended preventive care and screenings;
  • Better management of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart failure;
  • Reductions in avoidable hospital readmissions; and
  • Reductions in avoidable emergency room visits by improving primary care access hours and care coordination.

Aetna is working with health care organizations across the country to develop products and services that support value-driven, patient-centered care. Aetna’s solutions help all types of patients, regardless of payer.

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