Health Insurance Company Call Center Adds 150 Jobs to Johnstown, PA

InterMedia Marketing Solutions (IMM), based in West Chester Pennsylvania, is looking to hire 300 new Service Agents. 150 of the new service agents will be based in a Johnstown, PA call center and 150 will be located in the Orangeburg, SC company location.

The Johnstown location at 1003 Broad Street needs service agents to field customer calls and handle questions posed for Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers.

The Affordable Care Act is creating a demand for the services of IMM which in turn utilizes agents to prepare consumers for the open enrollment period.

Pat Elkins, IMM COO, was quoted as saying “We have Blue Cross Blue Shield Organizations that we work with across the country…. Our Primary Focus is to guide the customers and help them find the plan that best suits their needs.”

IMM is currently seeking qualified applicants for the service agent openings. Applicants should have either health insurance agent licensure or the interest in acquiring such licensure. IMM offers to cover costs for licensure of new employees, Elkins said.

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