North Carolina Medicaid Alert: NCTracks Update

In preparation for the July 1, 2013, startup of NCTracks, the new N.C. DHHS claims system, pre-noting of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information has begun.  The EFT pre-note process involves submitting transactions to the bank routing code and account number that you provided during Currently Enrolled Provider (CEP) registration.  Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC), which assumes fiscal agent duties for N.C. DHHS on July 1, is confirming that the EFT information provided is accurate.

One zero-dollar credit transaction will be submitted to your bank account for each N.C. DHHS Division for which you are authorized to provide services, including DMA, DMH, DPH, and ORHCC.  If you serve recipients of services from more than one Division, you will receive multiple pre-note transactions.

If you have already completed your CEP Registration, there is nothing you need to do at this time. If you have not completed your CEP Registration, please do so right away.  If you did not receive a CEP Registration letter in the mail, with an Authorization Code to access the CEP application at, please call 1-866-844-1113.

If there is a problem with the EFT pre-note process, a letter will be mailed by CSC to the provider.  Claims cannot be paid without accurate EFT information. Claims for a provider with a failed pre-note will suspend for 45 days.  If the bank account information is not corrected during that time period, the claims will be denied.

A new Special Bulletin is now available containing Key Information for Startup of New NCTracks System, which goes live July 1, 2013.  The Special Bulletin covers material about Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC), which assumes fiscal agent duties for N.C. DHHS on July 1, and about the features and capabilities of the web-based NCTracks system — contact information, hours of operation, checkwrite schedule, AVRS functionality, and the Provider Portal.  The document also includes reminders about important activities providers need to perform before July 1 to ensure their claims will be processed and paid in NCTracks.

A previous SPECIAL BULLETIN on NCTracks focused on cutoff dates and other information relating to the transition from legacy claims systems to NCTracks.

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