FDA Clears ResMed VPAP for COPD Treatment

The FDA grants 510(k) clearance to ResMed’s at-home respiratory device for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

ResMed out of San Diego, California won FDA clearance and is releasing its VPAP COPD device. A bilevel PAP (positive air pressure) device, it should help people with severe respiratory conditions breathe better at home and stay out of the hospital.

“Many stage 3 or stage 4 COPD patients are admitted to the hospital two to three times a year because of their condition, and hospital discharge planners need ways to reduce that figure with better at-home respiratory care,” said Geoff Neilson , president of ResMed’s Respiratory Care business unit. “Minimizing the likelihood of acute events that lead to readmissions starts at the point of discharge, sending patients home with the best tools like ResMed’s VPAP COPD to help them breathe better when their lungs have been damaged by the disease.”

The VPAP device, used at night to prevent acute respiratory exacerbations, was built on San Diego-based ResMed’s S9 platform, according to a press release.

As part of the total therapy solution, the VPAP COPD device may be wirelessly connected to ResMed’s secure, cloud-based EasyCare Online monitoring system. EasyCare Online allows physicians, hospitals and homecare partners to monitor patient use and patient respiratory health on a daily basis. This immediate and automated feedback is critical during the important 30-day post-discharge period, and can help reduce the time and labor hospitals invest in follow-up with these patients, while possibly achieving a better outcome.

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