NC Medicaid Alert: NC Tracks Check Write Schedule Available

Medicaid Alert – Attention: All North Carolina Providers

NC Tracks Provider Checkwrite Schedule Available

The first NC Tracks checkwrite will be July 9, but will apply only to pharmacy point-of-sale (POS) providers. Other providers will receive their first claims payments the following week.

NC Tracks will go live July 1, replacing the 35-year-old N.C. Medicaid claims-processing system known as MMIS, as well as other state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) systems that process and pay claims for mental health, public health and rural health services.

The last checkwrite for Medicaid providers under the legacy MMIS is June 27, with funds transferred electronically the next day, June 28. The cutoff date for claims submission in that checkwrite cycle is June 20.

Although NC Tracks will pay claims on a weekly cycle, DHHS and its fiscal agent, CSC, determined that a first checkwrite for all providers could not be accomplished during the first week of operations. Pharmacy POS claims presented a special case—the real-time nature of processing, and the need to avoid blackouts. NC Tracks will process the POS claims backlogged since June 20, plus new ones submitted by July 5, for a July 9 checkwrite and July 10 electronic payment.

NC Tracks will process other claim types the following week—both backlogged claims from the legacy systems, and new claims submitted in NC Tracks by the July 12 cutoff will have a July 16 checkwrite and July 17 payment.

The payment cycle of NC Tracks will be weekly—valid claims submitted by midnight on Friday (midnight Thursday for mental health, public health and rural health claims) will be processed for a checkwrite the following Tuesday, with funds transferred to bank accounts on Wednesday, except in cases of a holiday. This allows 50 checkwrites annually, the anticipated exceptions being the last week of June (end of the fiscal year) and the week of Christmas. Providers should note that NC Tracks has a scheduled checkwrite the week of Thanksgiving.

The NC Tracks checkwrite schedule for July-December, 2013, is below. A schedule for 2014 will be available in the fall.

For more information about NC Tracks, including a checklist of actions providers must take prior to go-live on July 1, go to

NC Tracks Checkwrite Schedule, July-December 2013

Cutoff Date Checkwrite Date Effective Date
7/5/2013 7/9/2013 7/10/2013
7/12/2013 7/16/2013 7/17/2013
7/19/2013 7/23/2013 7/24/2013
7/26/2013 7/30/2013 7/31/2013
8/2/2013 8/6/2013 8/7/2013
8/9/2013 8/13/2013 8/14/2013
8/16/2013 8/20/2013 8/21/2013
8/23/2013 8/27/2013 8/28/2013
8/30/2013 9/4/2013 9/5/2013
9/6/2013 9/10/2013 9/11/2013
9/13/2013 9/17/2013 9/18/2013
9/20/2013 9/24/2013 9/25/2013
9/27/2013 10/2/2013 10/3/2013
10/4/2013 10/8/2013 10/9/2013
10/11/2013 10/15/2013 10/16/2013
10/18/2013 10/22/2013 10/23/2013
10/25/2013 10/29/2013 10/30/2013
11/1/2013 11/5/2013 11/6/2013
11/8/2013 11/13/2013 11/14/2013
11/15/2013 11/19/2013 11/20/2013
11/22/2013 11/26/2013 11/27/2013
11/29/2013 12/3/2013 12/4/2013
12/6/2013 12/10/2013 12/11/2013
12/13/2013 12/17/2013 12/18/2013
12/27/2013 12/31/2013 1/2/2014

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