RemZzzs needs your help for continued Insurance coverage.

Retrieved From March 15th, 2013

RemZzzs needs help from loyal supporters of RemZzzs CPAP mask liners. Ongoing support has helped us continue our mission of helping CPAP users like yourself achieve successful therapy worldwide over the last four years. 

We are contacting you today with an urgent request. Rather abruptly, we have received communications from Medicare indicating a reconsideration of our Medicare billing codes to a non-covered item. We are frankly quite puzzled as to the nature of this decision.

Here is an excerpt from a Medicare letter we received on 3/7/13:

“CPAP masks are equipped with an interface material to make the seal around the area of the face, in order for the mask to function properly. Additional CPAP mask liners are considered duplicative of what is already provided on the mask. Therefore, this is assigned coded A9270.”

The “A9270” code refers to a non-covered item. This is a decision that has the potential to negatively affect thousands of CPAP users worldwide who have achieved successful therapy using RemZzzs CPAP mask liners. The loss of Medicare codes could have a major impact in coverage for those using Private Insurance as well.

We are submitting paperwork detailing our overwhelming success over the past four years helping CPAP users continue therapy, and we are in need of your support. Part of the Government’s mission is listening to the voice of the people, and we want to make our collective voices heard. Will you join us in pushing back by submitting a testimonial of how RemZzzs has helped you achieve successful CPAP therapy? We also want to hear from you how continued Medicare / Private Insurance coverage will allow you to personally continue successful therapy.

Let’s raise our voices together. Thank you for joining in our mission to help CPAP users worldwide achieve successful therapy!

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