Tested and proven processes deliver industry leading results.

What we do...

Tested and proven processes deliver industry leading results.

Document Review

Physically review order documentation, applying Payor Policy and Guidelines, to catch potential denials, audit issues and fraud. Recommended changes and corrections are communicated back to client staff.

Our Document Review Team is dedicated to the accuracy and compliance of DME Provider paperwork. When claims are submitted they review each claim for accuracy, compliance with Payor Policy and even fraud. Any issues found are promptly brought to the attention of the appropriate client contact and an effort to expedite the resolution of the issues is begun. This proven process resolves denials before they happen while educating client staff.

Claims Management

Ensure proper claims submission, price table configuration and cash posting. Stay in front of Payor Communication issues to streamline the Revenue Cycle Process..

Our Team can assist with software conversions, price table configuration, EFT and EDI enrollment and more.

AR Collection

Tackle outstanding billed claims utilizing a proprietary algorithm and tasking system turning Accounts Receivables to Cash.

Our AR Team continually works any Denials or AR Issues that arise consistently striving to stay in front of changes in Payor Policy that affect cash flow. Our Proprietary Dashboards utilize intelligent algorithms to guide our Collection Team in tackling Client AR effectively while organizing work efforts.

Premium Service

Analytics, Assisting with Audits, Financial reporting and more. As a true Billing Department our service extends beyond the usual Revenue Cycle Management Functions.

MedBill provides more than just a complete DME Billing Service.


Our Focus has been the same since we began business in 2005. Approach each client as we are their Billing Department. Take the time and effort to find and train outstanding team members that share our client care beliefs. Share the rewards of our success with our Staff and our Industry.
Providing Results Focused DME Billing Services since 2005

We are the Experts at DME Revenue Cycle Management because that is all we do.

While much of the industry has reached overseas to increase margins we looked inward, found internal efficiencies and fostered greater teamwork to provide better results.

Our Group approach focuses all our staff on each account. Breeding knowledge base growth and performance consistency.

Our Document Review Team physically reviews every Claim that we receive applying Payor policy before submission ensuring accuracy, lowering denials and increasing collection percentages all while communicating industry guidelines and changes to client staff.

  • Focus on DME

    % of our Focus is on DME. We are experts in DME Revenue Cycle Management.

  • U.S. Based Staff

    % of our Team is located in the United States.

  • Our Team = Your Team

    % of Our Staff Works with each Client.

  • Order Review

    % of Client Orders are Reviewed prior to Submission to the Payor.


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